Friday, October 26, 2007

Small potatoes can be the tastiest

I've always liked small potatoes...those tasty little red or purple orbs just carry along the garlic so well. They can pack a powerful punch.

And speaking of small spuds, I entered a few of my photos into the New York Sheep & Wool Fest last weekend. I have never been so bold as to show my shots to much more than family & friends, so this was a big step for me, even into a little contest.

"Rusty Mug" (category: scenes)

"Spring Rolling In" (scenes)

"She Revels in Cocoa and Snow" (people)

"Tired Trailblazer" (animals)


Jenna said...

Those are so awesome! You are my hero.

Abby said...

Wowwwie! Congratulations on your ribbons! I especially love the grumpy car.

Anonymous said...

got more? bring 'em on!

Carl said...

I love your pictures and eagerly wait for more! :) Congrats on the ribbons! That has to be soooooo exciting!! :)Donna