Wednesday, January 2, 2008

poem in progress...another try at Quick Widow

(Edited, yes again, January 19th. Your thoughts & comments, welcome as always.)

Quick Widow

In the darkest hour, you cry out,

“He’s dead!

The cat.


And continue this frantic

chant, fumbling

for the light through a dreamy


Relieved, we see our silent, squinting feline

blinking up at us,


and annoyed,

wondering why

we disturb the still,

smooth silk of his sleep.

To catch our breath, we shuffle

across cold kitchen tiles

and try to quietly laugh it off,

then scratch the fur between his ears

as we climb back into bed, curling back

around him like commas.

Your breaths deepen so quickly,

but I lay there

all night long,

eyes wide open to the ceiling

and arms crossed,

listening through the dark

for your heartbeat.


01.19.2008 (rev)

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