Thursday, June 12, 2008

If only I had married someone more romantic...

I knew Ryan was planning to put up this mosquito screen for our dinner, but...

I really wish he had put some time & thought into it! :)

view from the porch

rock detail

solar lantern

reading neruda...

The Queen
by Pablo Neruda
(trans. by Donald D. Walsh)

I have named you queen.
There are taller ones than you, taller.
There are purer ones than you, purer.
There are lovelier ones than you, lovelier.

But you are the queen.

When you go through the streets
no one recognizes you.
No one sees your crystal crown, no one looks
at the carpet of red gold
that you tread as you pass,
the nonexistent carpet.

And when you appear
all the rivers sound
in my body, bells
shake the sky,
and a hymn fills the world.

Only you and I,
only you and I, my love,
listen to it.

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Anonymous said...

My eyes are brimming with tears of joy for you, together . . a dream come true!