Monday, November 3, 2008

on the cusp on winter...

At sundown when a day's words
have gathered at the feet of the trees
lining up in silence
to enter the long corridors
of the roots into which they
pass one by one thinking
that they remember the place
as they feel themselves climbing
away from their only sound
while they are being forgotten
by their bright circumstances
they rise through all of the rings
listening again
afterward as they
listened once and they come
to where the leaves used to live
during their lives but have gone now
and they too take the next step
beyond the reach of meaning

1 comment:

laura w said...

Heather, You always have such a wonderful selection on your blog. I feel like I am visiting with you when I come hear and see what you have posted. Hope to see you soon at Murray group or somewhere else. It has been too long girl!
I am going out to rake leaves now, perfectly inspired by Merwin..