Sunday, June 26, 2011

Facing the Fleece

Today I took a deep breath & faced the fleece. The washing of the fleece. First up, the fleece of one of our Jacobs, Lucy Van Fleece.

Unwashed fleece (a cleaner part, to spare your tender sensibilities).

Popeye is curious at first...

...but not for long. He was no help whatsoever, I might add.

Proper footwear is important.

Beardyman scored this tub for FREE last week. Perfect for washing fleece. We ran hot water from the basement.

Tub of fleece, second soaking.
...To be continued...


Matthew said...

Awesome. Literally, filling me with awe. Though I'm not surprised the cat didn't help. Probably didn't want to end up smelling like lanolin. Cats is cats and sheep is sheep.

the redhead said...

Thank you, sir! It still remains to be seen whether I have done this right & can indeed spin it up (another feat in & of itself) into knittable yarn! (I wasn't surprised about the cat, either. He's no fan of the sheep.)